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For most, Papua New Guinea is not a well-known destination for surfing, however people have been surfing here for hundreds of years. New Ireland has become known to travelling surfers only over the last 15 years, with the opening of Nusa Island Retreat who were the first to promote surfing and cater for travelling surfers in and around the Kavieng area.

While many international surf destinations rapidly pass through stages of initial discovery and early years of limited exposure and exploitation; all too often the once pristine surf destination quickly becomes over exposed, over exploited and over crowded. The magic is lost as the resort operators & tour operators quickly take control, resulting in overcrowding and over development with the primary goal becoming profit generation for the operators.

Fortunately, PNG has had the foresight to observe and identify the many shortcomings of over-commercialisation of surf resources in various other mainstream locations. The Association, its Clubs, Resource Communities and ultimately the commercial tour and service operators have necessarily aligned and agreed to the establishment of Surf Management Plans in order to promote sustainable growth of surf tourism in line with agreed expectations and benefits at each level of the PNG Surf movement.

The Kavieng Surf Club was established in 2003 and developed the Kavieng Surf Management Plan, with the Central New Ireland Surf Club following suit in 2006. Due to the steady growth of surfing in other areas of New Ireland, a plan of action needed to be in place to protect surfing both as an industry and a sport. This saw the founding of the Niu Ailan Surfriders Alliance (NASA) in 2007, which was tasked to promote sustainable development of surfing in all of New Ireland - primarily to develop, manage and oversee Surf Management Plans.

The PNG Surf Management Plan structure, and in particular the Niu Ailan Surfriders Alliance (NASA) Management Plans have been specifically developed with the primary goal of managing visiting surfer numbers in order to ensure that the PNG surf experience remains unique and memorable for those fortunate enough to experience it, today and into the future. The management plans also undertake to ensure direct benefits to surf area communities through the equitable distribution of surf fees collected from visiting surfers under the management plans.

The PNG experience is totally unique in world surfing. The Management Plan structure is designed to keep it that way.

The Niu Ailan Surfriders Alliance (NASA) is an Affiliated Member of the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea , and embodies the Kavieng Surf Club and the Central New Ireland Surf Club.

Papua New Guinea lies to the north of Australia in the South West Pacific. New Ireland is north east of mainland PNG. The Provincial capital, Kavieng, is located at the northern tip of the long and narrow island of New Ireland, just 2 degrees south of the equator. The area takes advantage of the Northern Hemisphere swells coming from the northwest to northeast directions. During this period the wind is generally light and variable, although predominately from the N/NW. The surf consistently ranges from 3-4ft; bigger swells see it at 5-6ft.

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