To the west of Kavieng extends the Bismarck Archipelago, with over a hundred islands extending out to Lavongai which has heaps of uncrowded reef breaks with plenty of variety. The islands of this area are spectacular with friendly communities, and the beautiful backdrop of Lavongai’s mountains in the distance, make it a stunningly beautiful destination.

The Lavongai Surf Managed Area starts where the Kavieng Area finishes at Ral Island and extends to the north coasts of Lavongai and its offshore islands.

The quota for the Lavongai Surf Managed Area is 15 visiting surfers.


A fast, hollow left, with a long ride wrapping an island, similar to Restaurants at Tavarua. A mellower option on the larger days, and good for all abilities.

A right-hand reef pass close to shore, with a flat weed-covered reef, and a double bowl section. This is the best hot-dog wave in the islands. Very consistent due to the focussing nature of the swell.

A slab reef located in the entrance to a bay, which breaks both left and right. Extremely hollow in both directions, but only for 25 metres. Paddle, pull in, grab the rail, then get spat out. A four second ride that is a guaranteed cover-up.

A fast playful right, breaking off a beautiful point on an island. Short and shallow, but not too fast, just a lot of fun.

Picks up even the smallest of swell, and is a really fun, peaky wave. Its the best option for a wave if it is ever flat, but gets pretty heavy on a decent swell. The bottom is reef but covered with soft weed. You can stand on the reef in bare feet, get hammered on the bottom, and not get cut up (just like a beachie). Its not the best option on a swell, as the other breaks are always better, but on the small days its a great fun, punchy with left and right peaks.

Extremely fast and hollow left. Goofy footers only, unless you really rip. One tube recorded at 11 seconds, followed by a trip to the Haus Sik (hospital). Get the picture?!!!

Not frequently surfed, but sheltered in an easterly wind. Needs quite a bit of swell before it kicks in. Outer island location.

Needs solid swell, very hollow crazy right. Excellent cover-up potential.

Very reliable, barrelling right-hander with a few sections. Good for all abilities.

PNG Frontier Surfaris operate the 23 m PNG Explorer out of Kavieng for 10 night charters to Lavongai, St Matthias and East Coast New Ireland. Accommodating a maximum of eight surfers on board with additional berths for non-surfing partners. Cabins are air-conditioned twin (single & doubles) with shared bathroom facilities. Two high speed tenders for fast break access, other activities offered include fishing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking & island/cultural tours

On this website we only list operators who are endorsed by the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea (SAPNG). There are many accommodation options, however if you do not choose to stay with an endorsed Surf Operator, it is up to you to book yourself into the Surf Quota directly with us here at NASA.


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