The Central New Ireland Surf Club in cooperation with the New Ireland Surf Alliance and the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea has established the Central New Ireland Surf Management Plan to benefit both the incoming surf tourist and the traditional resource custodians. The plan ensures the incoming surf tourist that there will only be a maximum of 20 international surfers at any time surfing within the managed area. The plan ensures the traditional resource custodians that there are real benefits from tourism flowing into their communities. The plan also ensures that surf tourism is sustainable in our region.

The Central New Ireland Surf Management Plan commences from where the East Coast Plan finishes after Konos and extends to Ramat (20km north of Namatanai).

The fees that are generated through the plan are distributed to the communities adjacent to the surf and are used for community projects and some of the ongoing needs of the communities such as school supplies and aid post supplies. A portion of the fees are also used to help develop surfing as a sport at the village level. This sustainable style of managing the surf resource benefits all involved.

Surf Season is from mid-October to mid-April.

Surf spots range from mellow longboard waves to fast and hollow reef passes. There are both rights and lefts and are open to many swell directions.


Rubio Plantation Retreat, 220km from Kavieng, is run by Shane & Annette Clark and hosts New Guinea Eco Tours which caters for surfers with road and boat transfers to all the surf breaks within the Central New Ireland Surf Managed Area, and further a field. Rubio caters for up to 15 guests, with a maximum of 10 surfers.

On this website we only list operators who are endorsed by the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea (SAPNG). There are many accommodation options, however if you do not choose to stay with an endorsed Surf Operator, it is up to you to book yourself into the Surf Quota directly with us here at NASA.

There are loads of small guesthouses all the way along the coast of mainland New Ireland. You will need your own transport to get around, or using the PMV's (Public Motor Vehicles) is a cheaper but more time consuming option.

Visit the New Ireland Tourism Bureau website for a full listing of all guesthouses in the area.


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